My brother

2014-09-29 22:07:49
I just came home from Stockholm and I have so much stuff to fix. But I bought this awesome T-shirt for my brother. I love it :D 
T-shirt - T-shirt Store // Pants - H&M

Arrivé mon ami

2014-09-28 01:12:28
I just landed in Stockholm with Maggy... Okey we arrived around 15.00 and went to the hotel. Later we went to this fashion event and I really liked it actually!!! By 23.00 we met our friend Boris and went to this Italian fancy restaurant and for once I think this was better than Burger King haha.... We went to our hotelroom with Boris and his friend that he brought with and we talked and talked for so long so yeah... They just went home and me and Maggy are kind of super tired!!!

Tomorrow It iz

2014-09-26 23:53:37
Omg I am so exited for tomorrow! Im going to Stockholm where I will attend  a Fashion Event. Got everything packed and im redy to leave! So... Now im just trying to get a good amount of beauty sleep, and yes guys. I Will update you ..!! Pinkie promise...<3

Inspiration board / 1

2014-09-21 22:37:00

Don't forget

2014-09-19 00:03:28
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2014-09-16 18:01:00
the red one

the red one by tess-andersen featuring Gucci
Now when we are in the middle of Autumn we all need some color to make the day a little brighter, at least here in Europe when the leaves falls and everything becomes gray and boring. One of the great things i like this AW14 is that "POP OUT" color is really in to rock! H&M launched H&m Studio AW14 last week and there were a lot of bright colours as it was nature colours and i really like it. I put together a clothing tip to them people that dares to wear the more crazy outfit. I would love to wear this. I set together a pair of bright red leather trousers that perfectly match to the red lipstick from L'oreal , a normal crop top. And fur is so in right now, i have seen so many fur coats on the runways these days so yeah ROCK IT! And to the last... A pair of heeled shoes never killed nobody with a Gucci bag that Rihanna actualy wore last week when she revealed the first look for Alexander wangs colab with H&M that will be launched in Nov! 
Jag är med och deltar i Trendsetter Search på

My lovely coat

2014-09-15 18:47:00
ok i know i have made a few spelling mistakes but you just got to live with that ;)
Photos by Maggy

14 September

2014-09-14 22:38:00
After this crazy fashion week im all exited to se the trends next year AW15! To folks who don't understand 100%... ok so AW15 is obviously Autmn/Winter 2015, the clothes that they showed this week are AW15 and these are some of the trends that are gonna be in NEXT YEAR. We can buy AW14 today in stores but their clothes were on the catwalk last year ;) hope some of you understand. Well.. i am in a phase now.. like for real.. im all into intrerior now. Im watching diffrent kind of furnitures and stuff... mabye cause im about to renovate my room haha. I also took some pictures today so here you go.. not one septum, not two septum but three.. LOVE IT!!! 

Mini needs

2014-09-11 23:17:00
Some of the small stuff that i totally love this month! M.A.C cosmetics , Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Calvins for women, naturall colored lipstick/liptint , Big pearl necklace and Michael Kors phone cases.

Yesterdays OOTD

2014-09-11 00:36:00
Shoes - TopShop // Jacket - Zara // Shirt - BikBok // Bag - Asos // Accessories - Private
This is a cheap outfit of the day haha.. with cheap I mean.. I took these pics outside my school with my iPhone... so.. yeah this is all you get for today :) sorry.. AND KEEP WATCHING LIVE SHOWS FROM NYFW!!!

Mobile pic

2014-09-09 23:52:00
i took some fast snaps today on my outfit. I will upload more tomorrow! Been busy today, I have even been watching Marc Jacibs AW14 show an yeah i thought it was great but not so my style.. i will upload a bit more tomorrow :) 


2014-09-08 23:43:00
This photo is for my friend that complains on my lovley yellow shirt, here you go. Blue.  
For you readers.. i will update more.. my computer is not in the mood right now to collaborate with me but i will do my best!


2014-09-04 23:06:00
Hey. I can't handle my stress right now.. hehe.. new photos will come up next week :D but i would be glad to know
what you, as a reader want to see on my blog! I would be so glad if you took 1 min to comment your oppinion!!

Top 4 H&M Studio

2014-09-01 22:23:00
Here are 4 of my fav clothes from the H&M Studio A/W14 that will be released in Sweden the 4 September! Can't wait!!!
my top 4 h&m Studio
my top 4 h&m Studio by tess-andersen on Polyvore