Some pic from R&F

2014-08-28 22:12:00
 OK it's been almost one week since i saw my idols Rebecca and Fiona and i Got the photos now. Love them so far!! Enjoy ... 
Photos by Fabian Wester

Marble stone nails

2014-08-26 19:00:00
I fixed my nails today.. i diden't have so much time thoug so i just got one hand done... so typical me.. but.. yaas it turned out pretty good anyway.. i will give it one more chance when i get more time!
 hand on Make A Gif

Rottweiler mind

2014-08-25 19:00:00
 Photos by Agnes Orre (visit her facebook page HERE)
// Leather skirt - H&M // T-shirt - Givenchy // Jacket - H&M // Bag - Asos //

What's in my bag

2014-08-24 19:55:00
If you click on the picture under you will be send to my lookbook where you can find the stuff i have in my bag.. most of it 

Rebecca & Fiona

2014-08-24 01:15:05
Yesterday was the last day of the Malmö festival and my fav Djs played. Ok the title explains the most .. I have been a fan of Rebecca and Fiona sience 2011 if I remember right.. I went to their consert 2012 and it was.. Awsome so I couldn't wait to see them again. My oppinion this time?.. I was a little disappointed that they barely play their own songs..but my friends and I dance like crazy anyway. Ok to the big happening!! I met them.. yeah both of them.. i got such a rush and totally got cray cray , i talked to them, huged them and i kissed them. Yesterday was such an amazing day! Thanks to all who were involved in this joy train! 

Burberry trend

2014-08-20 22:20:00
I love this new "trend" that just came out.. okey.. the deal is that you wear a blanket over your shoulders like a poncho, the fabric should be thick so you get that Burberry kind of look over it.. The outfit idea I got is kind of easy. Easy makeup with heavy 60-s lashes, black nailpolish or natural nails.. reguar black jeans, heeled leather boots and a easy little cluch or wallet. L.O.V.E  I.T 

Me and my hat

2014-08-19 23:03:52
 Hi! I just invested this super chic hat from H&M that im totally in love with ,but it is very hard to find a outfit that looks good with it.. Here is some pictures i took with my friend boris in Lund city and i think the pictures actually turned out really good! Going to bed now.. or soon.. im sooooo tired !!! but anyway... Thanks Maggy  
// Everything is from H&M //


2014-08-18 21:02:00
 photo _MG_3447_zpscf62948d.png
Summer break is over and I just started school today, have been busy this summer and didn't update so much hehe. But now im back and totally exited over to put my soul and time down to my blog! So keep updated and don't forget to check my blog daily..