Issue 00

2014-10-19 14:52:00

Outfit from yesterday

2014-10-14 20:34:00

Sucker day

2014-10-13 23:27:00
Heii guys! 
Oh you should see my day today... Omajgosh!! I woke up by 8 and realized that my fave toast were gone so I diden't eat any breakfast and that is just the begging of my sucker day... So i came to school and I was kind of starving and all i could think of was the lunch, normaly we have very good food in school and I nearly never complain... but today when i took my plate and saw the food... I really wanted to kill myself. Like w*f is fish with shrimp topping.. Ok euw hate sea -food, well I was almost dying so I went and bought 5 donuts and ate them all... Damn can't controll myself haha But yeah after that I felt like crap... Like come on! 5 Donuts! and the best of all my last lesson ended 17.30 (y)
Well after school me and my friend we walked in peace to My danceclass and everything was fine .. But I can't possablie have a good day so it started to rain as hell and my white shoes got totally destroyed and after that!! The thunder came and I WAS TERRIEFIED!!! Oh not to mention that My day kind of sucked but I missed the bus home so I got to wait for my bus in the rain for 1 hour and 30 min... LOVE. MY. LIFE.

What do you want

2014-10-12 23:14:00
Hello guys! I just want to clear my head here.. I know I kind of only write about clothes but what do you want too see more of? I'm that kind of person who only watch pictures and barely read text but mabye I got some readers who actually "read" my text and if you do... ( you are a star*). The latest days I've been checking trips and more, my mother wants me to go to Paris but I don't think it is such a good idea now when Fashion Week is over.. but hey it's Fashion Week next year ;) I was planning to go to the US with my friend but now it's unclear if it is possible for my friend to follow so ye.. but comment what ever you want.. as I said in the begining WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE?

Getting redy

2014-10-08 00:01:40
Yes im travelling again hehe but not so far this time! Im going to Borås where im going to watch a Design competition and go on a event I think.. Im just packning right now. Here is a little look on my outfit i had last week. A purple coat that i totally love and my white shoes that im still rocking!!

Beauty fair

2014-10-06 23:24:00
Im so sorry guys that i haven't updated now these last 4 days but I have been participating a Beauty and health fair here in Malmö. Ok I was supposed to be the presenter and just stand and talk but a model diden't show up so I got to take her place. I was so busy by doing my makeup and hair cause I don't like when people fix me cause I like my routines and when other does it.. it is just wrong. Anyway.. All the stylists and hairdressers were busy so I had to fix some models final touches.. love doing makeup on ther people by the way haha ;) And ye.. i look soo focused on the first picture yee. just handle it!
Photos by Jens C

Outfit through the day

2014-10-02 23:49:06
I put together a outfit that you can wear through the day aswell as the night , you just need to change some things and Voila you got a new look!

Shades of grey

2014-10-01 23:17:07
Some pictures from Stockholm before i went out. 
Top and Skirt - Hollister // Necklace and Rings - Glitter // Shoes - TopShop