5 Ways to style your shorts

2014-07-22 18:48:59
The sporty style
A typical tennis cap, sneakers and a sporty shirt and last sunglasses
match shorts: Sport
Inspiration from a boat
A striped sweater with a navy blue blazer, flat boat sandals and see through glasses 
match shorts: sail
Forest, perfect for a chilly summer evening
A green baggy knitted sweater, brown cluch, comfy heels and a long petite necklace 
match shorts: the sweater
 Denim meets Denim
A denim shirt in tucked in the shorts, a pair of flat slippers, a brown small clock and finish the look with a straw hat!
match shorts: denim+denim
Hey festival chic
A perfect baggy croptop, sandals with heel, round glasses and a chunky bracelet
match shorts: the edgy one


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