What do you want

2014-10-12 23:14:00
Hello guys! I just want to clear my head here.. I know I kind of only write about clothes but what do you want too see more of? I'm that kind of person who only watch pictures and barely read text but mabye I got some readers who actually "read" my text and if you do... ( you are a star*). The latest days I've been checking trips and more, my mother wants me to go to Paris but I don't think it is such a good idea now when Fashion Week is over.. but hey it's Fashion Week next year ;) I was planning to go to the US with my friend but now it's unclear if it is possible for my friend to follow so ye.. but comment what ever you want.. as I said in the begining WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE?

Postat av: mei

mer av ditt vardags liv, vad som händer, vem du umgås med, sedan dagens face look och outfit.

2014-10-13 @ 06:25:51

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