2014-09-16 18:01:00
the red one

the red one by tess-andersen featuring Gucci
Now when we are in the middle of Autumn we all need some color to make the day a little brighter, at least here in Europe when the leaves falls and everything becomes gray and boring. One of the great things i like this AW14 is that "POP OUT" color is really in to rock! H&M launched H&m Studio AW14 last week and there were a lot of bright colours as it was nature colours and i really like it. I put together a clothing tip to them people that dares to wear the more crazy outfit. I would love to wear this. I set together a pair of bright red leather trousers that perfectly match to the red lipstick from L'oreal , a normal crop top. And fur is so in right now, i have seen so many fur coats on the runways these days so yeah ROCK IT! And to the last... A pair of heeled shoes never killed nobody with a Gucci bag that Rihanna actualy wore last week when she revealed the first look for Alexander wangs colab with H&M that will be launched in Nov! 
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